Rachel Ziv – Copywriter and Content Marketer

You want your website to do better. You want your search engine ranking to be better. And you wish your marketing materials just sounded better.

That’s when you call in a copywriter.

After copywriting for 10 years, I can write just about anything. From SEO to web copy, blog posts, brochures, flyers, press releases, business documentation and a whole lot more.

My specialty is simplicity, because in a world of complexity and information overload – simplicity cuts through instantly.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses succeed, which is why I work from home to keep costs down (and charge about a third of what other copywriters with my experience charge).

I also offer highly effective content marketing, including an advertorial placed and promoted on one of Canberra’s most popular websites, and complete end-to-end SMS marketing campaigns.

Contact me on 0449 242 042 or at: [email protected]

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