Functional Business Solutions

One of the biggest frustrations most small business owners have is being expected to not only be an expert on the products and services they are selling but to also be experts in marketing, sales, bookkeeping, accounting, administration, payroll ….. and the list goes on. They are also expected to keep up to date with the rules and laws that are continually changing.
Furthermore the opportunity cost of trying to stay on top of all the admin tasks and changes results in less time actually being spent on generating sales and running your business.

However, we acknowledge that every small business has different needs and
we have a number of different ways in which WE CAN HELP YOU.

Our Functional Solutions include:
 BOOKKEEPING & ADMINISTRATION – those tasks that take your focus off actually running your business
 PAYROLL – ensuring you comply with the complex rules around payroll
 RESCUE PACKAGES – Helping you get up to date with your bookkeeping
 PROCESS DOCUMENTATION – documenting your process to help implement easy to use checklists and process documents.
 TRAINING – Providing practical training on your software and systems.
 CONSULTING SOLUTIONS – other bookkeeping questions that small business normally have

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