AMR HAIR & BEAUTY SUPPLIES PTY LTD was founded in 2004 and has become one of Australia’s fastest growing hairdressing and beauty product wholesalers. From humble beginnings and with limited investment, the hard work of AMR’s founder has seen the business develop into a significant multi-channel distributor with annual revenues in excess of $50 million per annum based on YTD run-rates.

Due to the creative individuals in the Marketing team, AMR has established a strong reputation as progressive and visionary leaders within the Hair and Beauty market. The team consists of 10 highly motivated and diverse individuals, with skills mastering graphic design, photography, script writing, videography and social media. This division consistently produces innovative promotions and materials that set industry trends and drive AMR’s growing client base.
Research and Development
This team of two individuals has been responsible for the development of products that have captured the market. This began with the 18in1 Moisturizing Crème, under the newly established 18in1brand, that has been well received by professionals and customers. The further introduction of 5 products under this brand has established AMR’s product development as technically superior, rivalling international manufacturers.
AMR has ventured into manufacturing with a long-term vision for this lucrative aspect of business. The manufacturing team is led by two professional and driven individuals who ensure that this vision is not only a reality, but an extremely profitable aspect to the development of a complete AMR.

Information Technology
AMR has established itself on the international stage via the internet, both providing and collecting information that is vital to the development and continued success of the business. Significant investments has been made into the I.T platforms and specialists employed by the business, ensuring that AMR is ahead of its competitors.
Customer Relations and day to day business
AMR staff are highly motivated and the AMR environment is high-paced and proactive. Customer service is the front line in the sales channel, providing deals and packages to satisfied customers, along with technical product expertise. Each team member has established close relationships with key customers.

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